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Quality Control Protocol

Our facility is fully secured, monitored and insured. Our organized floor plan and advanced tracking system ensures that your goods are stored and prepared for shipment or pickup with only two days notice.


HY-STORAGE can accommodate the storage of palletized promotional products for an indefinite period. Pallets must be received shrink wrapped. The minimum billing period for storage is one month. We do not pro-rate monthly storage fees. Call or email our customer care team for pricing and additional information.

Other Services:

We proudly offer a range of services in addition to our storage capabilities. Since the nature of the following services is unique to every project, inquiries must be directed to our customer care team for pricing.

Sorting & Re-Packaging

We can replace torn or deformed boxes or even re-package goods into smaller boxes as required. Appropriately sized boxes are used for each request.


Products received from overseas often require thorough inspection to ensure that goods are in acceptable condition. Factors such as mould, defective merchandise, poor imprinting, and incorrect counts on boxes can have a detrimental effect to the seller. Our qualified team of inspectors will mitigate this risk and ensure that you’re notified of such occurrences in advance.


Our integrated shipping department allows for quick and easy re-distribution of goods. Our preferred courier is UPS for all small shipments. Other cartage companies are used for larger palletized shipments. Split shipments can also be arranged. All shipments are F.O.B. Our Factory (Toronto, ON)


In order to facilitate the completion of certain projects, we also offer comprehensive fulfillment services.