Hyline Promo

Our Mission

” Our expertise inspires confidence. We create and make ordering custom products easy and our model service complements the experience. We build our reputation on our customer’s unwavering trust and satisfy every need by providing solutions. From fulfilling inquiries to meeting timely deliveries, from conception to execution, we exceed expectations. “

Our History

As a leader in the promotional advertising business, we are aware that image is at the heart of success. At Hyline we’re committed to providing exemplary service and impeccable customized products to licensed distributors across North America. Hyline is an established vinyl product manufacturing company based in Toronto, Canada. Our 50 years of industry experience attests to our renewed customer satisfaction and expertise in the field.

Our courteous staff and quality products will exceed your expectations. We’re confident that you’ll share the ranks of our many loyal customers.

Contact Us

Email: INFO@hylinepromo.com
Tel: 416-663-2299