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We can Customize

As one of the leading suppliers of custom vinyl products in North America, we have an expert team of designers and engineers who bring life to custom projects. When we receive an inquiry for a custom project, we embrace the challenge, as we always invest in the latest technology to design and craft unique products for our customers. This technology, supported by our knowledgeable and experienced professionals, has enabled HYLINE to meet the needs of our customers with refined precision.

As a full service custom vinyl product manufacturer, we can create the design, fabricate your desired product, and decorate them with your corporate branding, as required. From custom vinyl packaging, vinyl binders, portfolios, pouches, specialty vinyl items, we exceed expectations. We offer a full complement of manufacturing services: heat sealing, slitting, die cutting, sheeting, screen printing, foil stamping, debossing, embossing, eyeleting, cornering, sewing, and many other custom oriented services.

Custom shapes and configurations often require new tooling dies. Although our customers can avail themselves of our vast library of stock sealing and cutting dies, certain specific requirements necessitate new tooling dies. Depending on the complexity of the product, you will likely require a steel rule cutting die and/or brass rule sealing die(s). The number of products to be manufactured will ultimately dictate the size and cost of the sealing die(s). Sealing dies are therefore usually “stepped and repeated” to produce more than one piece at a time. This allows HYLINE to efficiently produce your products cost effectively. Tooling charges are a one-time only charge.

Once you approve the design and specifications of your custom product with a detailed paper proof, production moves to tooling fabrication. This is a particularly important part of the process because an intelligent well-crafted tool design will have a significant impact on the economics of the production process. Compared to other types of packaging, our tooling is produced relatively quickly and inexpensively. The entire process from design, to tooling fabrication can be accomplished in a few weeks. The price range for a new sealing or cutting die varies depending on the complexity, size, and number of dies required. If you would like HYLINE to assist you with a custom project, please contact us and a representative will contact you within 24 business hours.

All custom sealing & cutting dies are the property of HYLINE Dateminder Inc.